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Based in Melbourne, Australia

J. Bratby is an award-winning Australian figurative, portraiture and conceptual artist. They work with mixed media, primarily oil, acrylic and aerosol across a range of canvases, murals, interactive sculptures and recycled items. 

Their work studies impermanence, consciousness and existentialism and capture the wonder and awe of this unique planet. Their work  references the exhaustive search for value and tradition in a digital world using mixed media. They engage the audience playfully and seek to elevate the extraordinary people and creatures that walk among us. They have exhibited both internationally and locally in traditional urban gallery settings as well as in rural festival settings.  

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J. Bratby has created for over 25 years, working through monchromatic periods, to portraiture, hyper-realism, public installations, murals, and live performance painting. They are particularly committed to therapeutic applications of art, music and the plasticity of the mind in the flow state. Though primarily wed to painting with oils and aerosol, they have a soft spot for mixed media sculpture and UV reactive painting. 

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"We are fortunate enough to own a number of Jessie’s artworks and we treasure each and every one. Combining otherworldly visions and unique viewpoints with a truly immersive process and a particular attention to detail, Jessie creates works that are alive with their own stories and unique magic. A true visionary artist with an immense talent."

Kat and Tim Kicuroski

Jesse's art grabs onto a feeling, a thought, a mood, a soul or spirit.. and is beautifully brought to life on their canvas. They tap into places which exist within all of us, universally, whether it's a dark place or a place of innocence and joy. It's so easy to get lost in the imagery, the characters, the colours and shapes, the light and the shadows, and the stories they tell.
I have been a huge fan of Jesse's art from the very first moment I witnessed it and am the honoured caretaker of several originals which have pride of place on my walls. "Held" captures the feeling of safety, security and warmth, and "Dawn Hunter" captures the journey of the dark night of the soul. They are pieces which bring so much comfort to me, and are a constant encouragement to summon inner strength and peace. Thank you endlessly for your expressions, Jesse 

Bernadette Lawrence


"Creativity is contagious - pass it on."

Albert Einstein

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