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cause (a spirit or ghost) to appear by means of a magic ritual. "they hoped to conjure up the spirit of their grandmother"

implore (someone) to do something. "she conjured him to return".


Between our fingers sits the magic of our ancestors, our fallen sisters and siblings. They fought for the freedoms we enjoy and it is now our turn to keep the fire burning. How do we use our power to alter our reality, and bring forth a society that not only values but honours us? How do we harness the creative godforce of women, the witches, the ritualists and chemists, the ones who heal and brew, the ones who sing and spell write, who create kinship and friendship netting through each day? How do we ask this of our hands, to magick new futures out of our dusty pasts, to cleanse patriarchal histories and birth new stories? How do we honour the gender non-conforming among us who travel between the binaries, learning to renew, renew, renew? This collection, partly painted on my husband’s recycled drum heads, looks to re-imagine our capacities, the magic of our bones. We are spectacular beings, and we are only just remembering that we are the ultimate creators. 

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